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art department

featured work

What remains of Emily

All Hail Maukavas

In this production, I worked as a prop-master. The pilot has been selected for the Infinity Film Festival and Series Fest, and won the Best Series Award at the Indie Film Awards in 2023.

An EMMY Nominated six-episode web series where I was Prop-master and prop-fabricator. Shot it 2022.

Quandering Questions

Short film about a little boy that meets a Fae that can answer any questions for one price: years of his life. This production utilized Virtual Production on a LED Volume. In this production, I was the art directorShot in 2022.

Synchrony Bank
Training Video


Sponsored course at SCAD where I was the Production Designer for a Synchrony Bank industrial training video.

A short film set in a dystopian future where everything is taxed. In this production, I was the Production Designer.

Shot in 2021.

SoFaygo - Backseat

Music Video for SoFaygo where I was Production Designer

other work

The Dragons

Student short film about a teenage sibling duo of amateur robbers who try to pull off the heist of their lives with the help of their friends. In this production, I was prop-master and prop fabricator.

Shot in 2021. Currently in its festival run.

The Ring

A short film about a group of girls who share a ring that grants their whishes. In this production, I was the Production Designer.

Shot in 2021.

The Forest

Student horror short film about a haunted forest. In this production I was art directorShot in 2022.

Door to Door

Student dark-comedy short film about a salesman for an extermination company. In this production I was the Production DesignerShot in 2021.


A five-episode web series where Jordan, a game design prodigy, goes to Boron Games for a job interview only to discover that the interview process is a VR videogame.

In this production, I was the Art Director.

I also fabricated some props for this.

Shot in 2021.

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