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After an intense battle with her insecurities, a woman physically shrinks into a daunting but magical world where she finds self-love and acceptance.

Constraint is a dance film; therefore, the story is told through dance and movement. Learn More.

After being put in the same SAT-prep class, two ex-best friends must confront the awkwardness of being strangers all over again.

Find out more information here.

Short documentary about a Brazilian family (my family) in which each member lives in a different country.

This is a scene from a short film I'm currently re-writing called Creative Block. It was created for my Directing Actors class.

This is a spec music video created for a music video class.

A music video for indie artist Gio Turra (ex-vocalist of the band The Two Takes)

A Tecelã (or The Weaver) is a film directed by me. It was the first short film created in the film club Cine Colband, which I co-created with my friends in high school.

I follows the story of a young boy through his sessions with his therapist.

sonos. is the first film I wrote and directed in college. It tells the story of a girl that records everyday audio so she can show it to her no-longer-deaf friend later.


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